Week Lectures/Readings
1 Introduction to linguistic morphology. M§1; HS§1
2 Dimensions of morphological variation. M§2; HS§2; B§1
3 Contrasts and atomistic functions. M§3; HS§3.1; Bickel & Nichols (2007)
4 Contrasts, meaning and relations. M§4; HS§4; Aikhenvald (2007)
5 Implications and arrangements. M§10; HS§§8.6–8.8; B§4
6 Templates and syntagmatic organization. M§5; HS§7; B§5
7 The morphemic hypothesis. M§6; HS§4; B§2
8 Units and relations. M§7; B§5; Hjelmslev (1948)


Week Lectures/Readings
1 Wortschatz, Lautlehre, Formenlehre. M§8; HS§10
2 Modularity and the Paradigm Cell Filling Problem. M§10; Hankamer (1989)
3 Zipfian distributions and decompositional analysis. Maiden (2005); Kemps et al. (2005)
4 Abstraction and extrapolation. B§7; Ackerman et al. (2009); Blevins et al. (2016)
5 Paradigmatic and distributed realization. M§9; HS§3.2; B§6; Halle & Marantz (1993)
6 Morphological splits and subsystems. HS§5.5; Booij (1993); Clahsen (1999)
7 Mechanisms, routes and networks. HS§12; Baayen et al. (1997)
8 Theories and models in morphology. B§8; Baayen et al. (2011); Ramscar et al. (2013)